Making of

Olive Oil

"Aseel" Olive Oil

The Product

1. It is the product of the "Blessed Olive Tree"?
2. It is the extract of first press by the cold press method.
3. It is filtered without any chemical process.

The Properties of Aseel Olive Oil

1. Extra virgin.
2. Pure first cold press.
3. Acidity < 1.0 %.
4. Peroxide value < 20.
5. Free of deposits, free of moisture, free of impurities.
6. Smell and taste are distinguished, natural and perfect.
7. Color is in between yellow – (going) to green.What does Extra Virgin Olive Oil mean?It means oil has less that 1.0 gram of oleic acid in 100 gram and has excellent flavor and aroma.

The Benefits

1. Cholesterol free, and it increase HDL the good cholesterol.
2. Protects against cardiovascular diseases because it contains balanced amount of unsaturated fatty acid.
3.Contains no salts
4. Regulates blood pressure.
5. Improves glucose levels in blood.
6. Reduces gastric acidity and protects from peptic ulcers and infection.
7. Olive oil can activate the liver and production of bile.
8. Olive oil is prescribed to pregnant women, it activates development of the brain and nerves for fetus of new born babies. It is also good for the bones.
9. Helps digest, absorb vitamins and minerals of people.
10.research showed that consuming more olive oil prolongs one's life.